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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change or alter my device’s IP Address?

Not on the device itself. The IP address is dictated by your wireless carrier, and is specific to the SIM Card provisioning.

How much data does Simplifi use and/or what data plan should I get for my Simplifi ?

This depends solely on your use case and intended usage.

How can I check my Signal Strength?

Log onto

Username—if you have not changed it will be ‘simplifi ’. If you have changed enter new name.

Password—if you have not changed it will be the network key (aka password) found on the back of the unit. If you have changed enter new password.

The home page displays “Cellular Signal Level”

I forgot my password and can’t log into my unit

Please record the IMEI number found on the back of your device and either call your account rep or email and we can reset it for you.

What size SIM card should I have?

Simplifi is best used with a full size SIM card
If you do not have a full sized SIM you can use an adaptor. You can obtain an adapter kit from your wireless carrier where you purchased the SIM card. Be sure you follow installation instructions carefully.

What is the expected Internet Speed and throughput?

Internet speeds vary from a wide range of possibilities including; location within building, proximity to cellular tower, connected state (LAN vs. WiFi), Wireless carrier, cellular traffic to the tower and countless other factors.

How do I change my APN?
  1. Log onto
  2. Username—simplifi (case sensitive)
  3. Password—“Network Key” found on the back of the unit
  4. Click on the Cellular Tab
  5. Input your APN in the APN Field, do not enter a APN username and password
  6. Click Save and your unit will reboot
What is the USB to Ethernet Dongle used for?

The dongle is best used for failover applications.

I can’t access the Web GUI (Graphical User Interface) @

Ensure you are connected to the device either via LAN (Ethernet cord) directly to the device or connected to the device via WiFi. The GUI will only work if you are connected device network itself.

If you previously enabled IP Pass-through, please try

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