Setting up your Simplifi

Insert SIM

Once you have selected the correct SIM and plan insert your full sized SIM Card with the circuit board (on the SIM card) facing up.

Get password and plug in

The Device Password can be found on the back of your Simplifi device or the side of the box. Plug into an active power outlet & wait for solid green LED status light (should take approx. 2 minutes).

Connect to your Simplifi

Search for the ‘Simplifi-xxxx’ WiFi network on your device; connect to this network by entering the Device Password from step 2.

Log in to your Simplifi’s settings

To access the GUI enter into your web browser, then enter the user name ‘Simplifi’ and Device Password from the back of the Simplifi device or as found on the setup instructions included in your Simplifi box. Download our User Guide for more configuration instructions.

After configuring the device. Your Simplifi will restart and will be ready to use after a solid green light turns on. You are now free to use the internet with Simplifi.

For tips & info, download our GEN 2 User Guide.