Setting up your Simplifi with Service

Insert SIM

Once you have selected the correct SIM and plan insert your full sized SIM Card with the circuit board (on the SIM card) facing up.

Get password and plug in

The Device Password can be found on the back of your Simplifi device or the side of the box. Plug into an active power outlet & wait for solid green LED status light (should take approx. 2 minutes).

Connect to your Simplifi

Search for the ‘Simplifi-xxxx’ WiFi network on your device; connect to this network by entering the Device Password from step 2.

Data Recommendations

Data usage will depend on your use case and intended usage.
• Failover: Less than 2 GB (depends on typical duration of mainline ISP outage)
• Travel and occasional use: 1-4 GB
• Primary Internet use individual: Depends on Use Case and/or usage
• Primary Internet use for small business: Depends on Use Case and/or usage
• Primary Internet for POS Terminal: 1-4 GB

Sim Card

Simplifi is best used with a full size SIM card. If you do not have a full sized SIM you can use an adaptor. You can obtain an adapter kit from your wireless carrier where you purchased the SIM card. Be sure you follow installation instructions carefully.

Internet Speed and Throughput

Internet speeds vary from a wide range of possibilities including; location within building, proximity to cellular tower, connected state (LAN vs. WiFi), Wireless carrier, cellular traffic to the tower and countless other factors.

Ways to improve data speed:

• Move the device closer to a window or areas with less interference.
• (If possible) use a LAN connection for your devices.
• (If possible) select a different carrier for your SIM card.

For tips & info, download our GEN 2 User Guide.